Your Content is only as good as these three things


A global shift in human behaviour is at the core of why there is a massive upheaval right now in modern marketing.

Many marketing strategies have a “go for the jugular” approach where they try to seal the deal from the first touchpoint.

While others have some cookie-cutter "affinity building" approach that is as shallow as the dish it was baked in.

This has led to viewer fatigue and a natural numbness to these aggressive marketing techniques and tokenism.

And they flat-out aren’t working anymore.

So what can you do?


Build a relationship with your audience based on trust, expertise, and transparency.

Be ready to give, without transacting. To the point where they "want" to hear from you.

But don’t just publish any old stuff.

For this to be effective, it needs to sit at the intersection of “what people want to hear about” and “what’s strategically aligned with your business”.

Many people miss the...

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The Future of Marketing


We are entering the biggest transition I have seen to date in the 28 years I've been a professional marketer.

I spend much of my time these days observing the shifts in the marketplace, identifying patterns and interpreting those & working out how to apply them.

Last week I delivered a brand new half-day corporate workshop "The Future of Marketing".

It was fascinating diving into the challenges faced by such a diverse range of businesses - from tech to retailers and professional services.

Everyone is facing similar issues as the marketplace is calling all brands to step up higher to do things differently.

Here are just four of the big shifts that are occurring globally (in both B2B & B2C, and personal brands too!)

💥 Brand Energy

No longer just about having people “know, like and trust” you, we need to delve deeper into quantum physics to embrace the powerful forces at play driving the “brand to audience” connection.

And unlike...

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Got Messy Messaging? Here's what to do.


I've noticed a very sharp trend in one area of marketing in the last few months.

And that is people who are amazing at what they do, finding it tough to stand out in the marketplace.

They don't know WHAT to say or HOW to say it. 

As a result, I see brilliant clever, funny, inspiring people up all over the shop with the messaging and as a result people are none the wiser about how they can help them.

That's the obvious thing. But there's another reason too, that's way less obvious.

And i"m going to tell you all about it in a sec. 

But first, to cover off on the obvious one...

Why your messaging is critical

We need to make it easy for people to process what we do, and more importantly, WHY they should do it with US.

If you don't you're missing out on 

 * Inbound Leads
  * More people talking about you to others
  * Shorter Sales Pipeline
  * Higher Conversion Rate of leads to client. 

That said, when I talk about...

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Long emails vs short emails: Which is the winner?

business marketing May 01, 2022

There's always debate about which are better long emails, or short ones. Here's a recount of a recent experience that yielded some surprising results!

I sent my longest email ever last week.

Yes, as a marketer I was hesitant because I KNOW that people prefer generally short. 

I was nervous my open rate would tank.

That the Unsubscribes would pile up. 

But to my relief, they didn't.

Instead, within minutes of sending it I had replies from people with lots of Wow, lots of Love and all the feels.

I even got messages from people saying they don’t normally read long emails but they read this one to the end, were inspired and wanted to take action.

So yes, it absolutely did it's job!

What the data showed...

For those of you that like a good spot of data, here's how the numbers stacked up so far. 

Open Rate - a nice healthy 37%

Interestingly, the open rate was slightly less than usual (slightly low, as mine usually sit at about 40-45%)

But the unsubscribe rate was...

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How to make your message stand out in 2022 👏

If you’re having trouble getting your message to stand out, here’s why.👇

It’s ALWAYS one (or more) of these 3 things:

😢 People DON'T KNOW you’re there.
(they haven't seen you or maybe they have but their brain screens out all your messages as irrelevant)

🥱 They know you exist, but couldn’t CARE less.
(they’re not excited or inspired, so it’s all just noise)

🤔 They know you, like what you have to say, but they don’t take ACTION.
(probably the most frustrating of the three! But good news, it's also the easiest to fix!)


Drastically DIAL BACK THE VOLUME of information you’re putting out and get CRYSTAL clear on the very SIMPLE MESSAGES you will communicate to your audience.

Audiences are fatigued and don’t have time to wade through truckloads of information to work out if your content (even if it's awesome thought leadership) is useful.

In 2022, brevity is key.

You might be brilliant but if you’re...

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Does your content have "soul"?

Does your content have "soul"?

This wasn't a question we thought much about a few years ago - we just needed to ensure our content was high quality, relevant and "valuable".

But in 2022, the ability to truly connect, and "move people" with our content is where it's at.

Just like when we think about "soul music" - it's music that makes us FEEL. 

When you listen to Aretha and her classics, you FEEL the energy behind it - whether it's R.E.S.P..E.C.T or (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.

She gets it. 

It's all about the feels.

And, so is connecting with your audience (aka marketing) right now.

Because if it isn't - people are tuning out, glossing over, or switching off, thinking "oh that's nice, but I'm too busy to read/listen/watch/take action". 

A couple of days ago, a global figure in the wellbeing space, with thousands of customers, many tens of thousand in her audience asked me to help her.

This is someone who publishes weekly blogs, has...

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The Big Shift - What's Coming for Marketing in 2022

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2021


The whole game is changing. A lot of what worked 1-2 years ago has little relevance now and will need to be shelved next year as the rules are reset.


In 2022 there are some massive shifts coming, that will up-end marketing as we know it.

Mark Z and his metaverse.

The trend away from social media.

Next level A.I. for marketers.

Oh, and did I mention The Great Resignation?

One thing is for certain.

The need to cut through the noise and “be found” and “be desirable” is going to amp up - a lot - next year.

The whole game is changing.

A lot of what worked 1-2 years ago has little relevance now and will need to be shelved next year as the rules are reset.

The social honeymoon is quickly sunsetting...

Organic social media has been great for traffic, lead generation even sales in the last 10 years.

But anecdotal evidence* indicates there will be a “Great Resignation” of around a third of business-owners from social...

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How to align your daily life with your passion and purpose

Why do you show up and do what you do, even when it's hard?

I couldn't let go of this thought this morning.

I asked the question of myself, and each time I thought I'd answered the question I went another layer deeper and asked myself why that was important.

And the answers had little to the nuts and bolts of what I actually do on a day to day (marketing mentorship, brand strategy).

Here's kinda how my internal dialogue went:

What motivates me - even when things are tough?

1. I love what I do, and it brings me great satisfaction when I'm doing things that light me up, and being a source of inspiration, especially to my kids and others around me.


2. Because I believe we all have potential, and I love helping who are passionate about leaning into it, to express themselves more fully and through that, create impact they are called to create.


3. Because because it makes my life's experience and challenges I've gone through worth it, if I can use it for a noble purpose.

Plus, it'...

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The best type of marketing in tough times

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021

How do you market during tough times? When you know your audience is overwhelmed, distracted, and tuned out? While there is often the tendency to switch-off and leave people alone, there is a for more empowering and meaningful way to connect. 

This week has been such an unusual week right around the world.

I know in Australia, where I am, it has been weird. Just weird. No other way to describe it.

Melbourne (my home city) is well into our 6th lockdown. Sydney (my city of origin) going through its worst days since the pandemic began.

Today marks the last day of my home quarantine. And as you can imagine, it’s been tough. Running the show on my own without the usual supports in place.

Feeding kids, keeping them entertained, setting them up for remote school, cooking meals, along with the usual things of running a business and some volunteer work I’m passionate about.

2021 has not been the year any of us expected.

My friends in the UK tell me that life has, by and...

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The Four Agreements in Marketing

Four powerful principles to incorporate into your marketing to make it much more human-friendly – not just for your audience, but for you too!

What I’m going to share below will positively impact your mental health as much as it will your marketing edge!

If you’re familiar with The Four Agreements, the classic book by Don Miguel Ruiz, you’ll be familiar with the four principles that have the power to change your life when you live by them. 

Of course, this also includes your marketing and everything that sits around it.

The Four Agreements apply to everything we do – family, relationships, business, health, finance, growth – and over the last few months, I’ve found one of the most impactful areas for me has been to apply them in the context of social media.

So I thought I’d share just a few of the ways I apply The Four Agreements to marketing, brand building and social media.

(For those that are new around...

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