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3 Things We Can Work on Together....

Your Business

You've got big ideas, your head is exploding with strategies and tactics but you struggle to execute, can't find the right people, or don't know which tools are really right for you.

Your Expertise

You've had a great career and feel a desire to have more impact and freedom than you're currently do, and are ready to find out how you can leverage your expertise for profit.

Your Career

Whether you're starting out in marketing, want to improve your performance in your current role or are at the peak of your marketing career and itching for what's next, let's chat.

"Nina always has new concepts and ideas that make a bigger impact overall.
She knows how to build and foster communities that bring the best out of people and her approach to training, coaching and mentoring is setting new standards for leadership. In everything she does, she shows that she is a true thought leader, a trailblazer, an innovator and one of the most caring people I know."

Petra Zink
Speaker, Coach and Personal Branding Authority

Who is Nina Christian

Nina Christian is an award-winning marketer who has built multiple businesses over the past 20 years (including a successful exit and an award-winning marketing agency) who is on a mission to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs globally do their marketing effectively and in a more human way.

Through her Thought Leadership Acceleration Program she helps business-owners who are out to be a force for good in the world create a strong brand and use that to build a profitable business so they can serve more people and have greater impact.

For the last few years she has also been teaching young marketers how to get started in the industry with her "Launch Your Marketing Career" program, which has impacted thousands of marketers in the early stages of their career.

Outside of work (which she loves!) Nina enjoys the outdoors, is an active CrossFitter, and after 3pm most days is off-duty having fun with her five young children and doing mum stuff.

The Results Nina's Students are getting

"Nina has been a massive support to find my way through the world of marketing. She is someone who will push anyone out of their comfort zone by asking all the tough questions . Nina offers full support and advice to discover your own answers, skills and abilities. Thank you for such amazing support, Nina. "

Johanna Schick
Founder of Kindred Hearts

"I have been transitioning from corporate to build a digital business for a year now, have done lots of training but kept getting stuck in my implementation. Nina came alongside me and changed all of that. Within weeks of her coaching I had my offer ready, program built, and was engaging with my audience in a way that resonated so I could start making sales"

Brad Hildreth
Founder of Managing with a Purpose

"I was dealing with information overload while trying to work out how to move forward so I engaged Nina as a private coach to help me to put together a strategy and a plan. She has smoothed the road and cleared the way, it's been so beneficial, I highly recommend her!"

Diana Piggot
Marketing Manager, Sudburys

"Before I got in touch with Nina, I was really struggling how to market to corporates. I felt confused as to what to do, and Nina helped me realise it was my messaging. She also helped me think about other methods I can use to engage them. Nina is different to other marketers because the questions she asks helped her to give me the right information I needed. Very intuitive! I now feel armed with the information I need to really move forward. ve been taking some action and clearer about what I need to now do. I've taken some action on my messaging and closing sales better this week."

Nicole M Louis
Social Workers Strategy Mentor

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