The Surprising Role of Personal Branding to Scale Your Practice - Nina Christian


In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse Green discusses marketing, with Nina Christian.

If you plan to scale up a practice of any kind, you need to be able to work with and through other people. And having your clients trust your team by having those team members have a great reputation in the marketplace is critically important.

It’s about having a cohesive strategy that allows everyone to elevate their profile in the marketplace and to be able to support one another in that process, and ultimately give the principal of the practice the opportunity to step back from the day to day operations, step back from the clinical work, trusting that your people on hand are great and they’re respected in the marketplace.

Nina has a knack for simplifying the complex, turning time-sucking activities into easy-to-follow systems and processes that make a lot of sense and get outcomes fast.

  • [3:28] – Identifying the marketing opportunities for people who want to scale their practice and get off the tools.
  • [11:18] – If you’re the principal of the practice and you’re saying I don’t want to be the key person dependent in the business. How do we get that right balance of marketing as the principal of the practice and then where do we go beyond that to the rest of the team?
  • [21:17] – How to find the sweet spot where we’ve got your personal joy and fulfillment in the business, aligning with your business objectives.
  • [28:32] – As you build and scale your practice it is really important to think about which marketing process is sustainable and does not compromise on the authenticity and connectivity factors.
  • [35:20] – Let’s address the concern that practice owners have around elevating their team through marketing with the fear that they might steal patients and move to another practice.
  • [41:05] – In scaling your practice there is no B-Team. How to ensure you only have an A-team!
  • [44:35] – Tips from Nina on how to scale-up and not trip-up while you do so.

Gain Insights for Small Business Triumphs (Nina Christian)

Welcome to the "Grow a Small Business" podcast with your host, Michael Denehey. In this episode, Michael interviews Nina Christian, a Marketing Mentor and Strategist. 

With over 30 years of business acumen, Nina shares pivotal insights on authenticity, alignment, and embracing imperfections for small business triumphs. Tune in for expert advice that promises to elevate your brand in a crowded marketplace!

Key Takeaways for Small Business Owners:

Authenticity Matters: Nina emphasises the importance of authenticity in personal branding. Small business owners should align their online presence with the reality of their business, building trust through genuine communication.

Congruency and Alignment: Building on authenticity, businesses should strive for congruency and alignment in their messages. Find elements that feel right, reflect the business's values, and create an accurate expression both internally and externally.

Embrace Imperfections: Sharing the human side of the business, including vulnerabilities and learnings, enhances the connection factor. Small business owners shouldn't fear showcasing some messiness; it makes them relatable and builds stronger connections with their audience.

AI as an Enabler: While AI and technology contribute to information overload, they should be seen as enablers, not replacements for genuine human connection. Balancing technology with authentic content is crucial for success.

How to Approach Your Content Strategy w/ Nina Christia‪n‬

Shahin chats with Nina Christian about how businesses need to change their approach to content creation and where should they focus their attention in order to provide more human experiences for their customers.

Nina Christian is a Marketing & Brand Strategist who helps businesses use thought leadership content to build their authority and widen their impact.

As a marketing educator Nina also teaches people and brands to create their own thought leadership content in a more effective and human way, and is the creator of the Thought Leadership Content System™.

She has a knack for simplifying the complex which comes from being a hands-on mum to five young children, and uses this to turn time-sucking activities into easy to follow systems and processes that get outcomes fast.

She is a Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM), a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute & AMI State Chair (Vic), and mentor to countless young marketers and entrepreneurs around the world through her programs and social impact initiatives.

Creating your ideal life with structure & good habits - Nina Christian

"I don't think we have ever leaned in so much to an interview with a guest before. Nina had us hanging on every word. 

Nina Christian runs a successful Melbourne-based marketing agency; Bravedo. She Chairs the Victorian committee of the Australian Marketing Institute and has five school-aged children.

Oh, and she only works 15 hours a week! 😳

How does she fit all of that in 15 hours a week? Incredible planning, structure, delegating and discipline.

Nina mentions a couple of books in this episode and we went out at purchased them that day, because honestly, we just couldn't wait to be more like her!"

Jane Hillsdon & Stacey Morgan
Hosts, Miss Bossy Boots Podcast


The Surprising Role of Personal Branding to Scale Your Practice - Nina Christian


In this video with Makesh Gupta from SAP Singapore, Nina shares her insights on the importance of building a personal brand. She also shares insights from her recent book "Marketing Me" about how to go about building one.

Some key lessons learnt from the conversation:

1. We have a personal brand whether we are intentional about it or not.

2. Personal brand is - What people say and feel about you when you are not in the room.

3. A good personal brand is what gets us in the room.

4. Being intentional and strategic about our brand, which is in congruent with our authentic self and commercially smart way.

5. Knowing what makes us unique unlocks opportunity in all aspects of our life.

6. Understanding our uniqueness and the ability and the confidence to express is clearly, elegantly and commercially strategic helps us build our authentic, personal brand.

7. Personal branding needs to be about strategic or commercial objective.

8. When our strategic objective comes together with our authentic self expression, magic happens.

9. If you spend more than an hour a week building personal brand, you are trying too much

10. It is easier to sustain a personal brand as long as we want to build it in service of others or a cause or for impact rather than purely for personal reasons.

How to use thought leadership marketing to elevate your reputation  

"Thought leadership is a marketing tactic that can be used to position and promote the expertise that you have in a particular area.

In the marketing and business world, thought leaders include Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Brene Brown etc. These are leaders within their industries who share their pioneering thoughts and opinions to help others.

There are infinite advantages to using thought leadership as a marketing tactic. Our guest for this episode; Nina Christian is a leading expert in this topic and generously shares her insight into how to approach thought leadership so that it is effective in achieving your business and marketing goals.

Nina is the founder and Managing Director of Melbourne based marketing agency; Braveda. She has been a marketer for 25 years and worked with global brands, small businesses and startups.

In this interview, Nina talks about:

> Exactly what thought leadership is and why it is important 
> How to approach thought leadership as an introvert
> What kind of information is best practice to share as a thought leader
> How long it is likely to take before you start to see the benefits of your thought leadership efforts
> How to overcome some of the more common challenges that you may face with becoming a thought leader."

Effective Marketing with Nina Christian

On this episode of The Few Podcast, co-hosts Boo and Sean welcome distinguished digital creator and marketing educator, Nina Christian. Nina extensively details the role of content marketing in pushing your brand forward. She also offers key insight into the best way to set up your content marketing, highlighting common mistakes businesses make with their brand image and how to avoid them. Listen here to hear more.

  • Using content marketing to separate your business from the field in today’s crowded online marketplace.
  • The power of creating “Yes’s” in the marketing and sales process.
  • The art and science to delivering effective brand communication to the right audience.
  • How to build a narrative with your brand that people follow and recommend.
  • The steps for developing the right context and content for your brand to reach the right customers.

The 3 Key Elements Of Content Marketing With Nina Christia‪n‬

Content creation is something we've all struggled with at some point and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't can be overwhelming not to mention time consuming.

Todays guest Nina Christian has seen it all over her two decades in the marketing industry and today she shares 

  • The 3 key elements you need for effective content marketing 
  • Social media trends happening right now
  • The 3 A's of content creation 
  • PLUS the mistakes she see's business owners make when it comes to content marketing 

Connect with Nina on Instagram

Check out her incredible freebie here 

How to use personal branding in your marketing agency

Nina Christian, Certified Practising Marketer and one of Australia's go to marketing professionals joins me today in the studio.

More about Nina:

Nina Christian is a marketing agency owner as well as a guide and coach to marketers and entrepreneurs around the globe. 

She established her agency Braveda in 2000, and is a leader in the Australian marketing scene, having won awards such as “Best Marketing Agency” and "Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year (Vic)" at the Australian Marketing Excellence Awards. She is a Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM), Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, and Chair of the AMI State Committee in Victoria.

Through her business and programs she helps visionary business owners of all colours and backgrounds market themselves authentically and effectively through thought leadership and content creation, so they can monetise their knowledge and expertise, and focus on making a big impact in the world.

Outside of work Nina enjoys the outdoors, is an active CrossFitter, and after 3pm most days is off-duty having fun with her five young children and doing mum stuff.

For more information about Nina visit www.ninachristian.com

How to help 12 Hats Radio

Best things in life are free🙂

Nina Christian, an award-winning marketer, chats about rejections, failures and patience.

In this episode, we’re joined by Nina Christian, an award-winning global branding & marketing expert. Nina is a seasoned marketer who has built multiple businesses over the past 20 years (including a successful exit and an award-winning marketing agency). Nina, currently advises marketers & business leaders to help them to market effectively and in a more human way.

We talk all things personal brand. Nina has worked with hundreds of marketers and business leaders on developing and communicating a personal brand, and as a result, has a great deal of insight into the why, how and the pitfalls of developing a personal brand. 

 This episode is highly practical, and Nina shares lots of actionable tips and advice across;

  • What sort of journey a personal brand takes, whether it should be ‘curated’ vs being authentic and how to do this effectively

  • How audience/consumer behaviours have changed rapidly, even over the past few months and how this has affected brand & communications

  • Key things to consider/do when going on a branding journey, what to look out for

  • How to overcome the self-doubt and fear of putting yourself out there

  • The compounding positive effect of consistency and inversely, how it can be detrimental to your brand if it’s not kept consistent

  • Emotional connection and the importance of this when communicating to an audience and what questions to ask yourself to uncover what you will be “known for”


2023 Marketing Insights: Special Report.

30+ trends and BIG SHIFTS we're experiencing globally right now - why you need to know about them, and most importantly what to do about them.


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