marketing futurist, global marketing mentor,
speaker, author, change leader (and mum-of-five). 

Creating the Future of Marketing...

I'm a marketer “25 years experience young” who forges new ways that marketing can create meaning and impact – from small business and start-ups, to agencies and corporate clients.


As someone who has always stood with one foot in the "now" and the other in the future, my gift is in helping business leaders unlock and master the future as it’s just unfolding.



For 25 years I had been so deep into being a marketer, an entrepreneur, serving clients and building brands, while being immersed in family life. 

My professional life to date had consisted of being a high profile GM of an international sports marketing agency in my mid-twenties, founding multiple social enterprises, co-founding then exiting a tech startup, combined with running a business (sometimes two) for nearly two decades, and balancing it with family life (including birthing five kids in eight years).

If you feel tired just from reading that I'm not surprised, it was a lot. And I felt it too.  

But it wasn't until life threw a massive curved ball my way I found myself starting over, and forced to discover who I really was in all of this, and how all this fit together.



The Marketing Futurist.

In late 1990’s, Nina created experiences through sports marketing and events like the Sydney Olympics + the Commonwealth Games. Well before Customer Experience was a marketing term.

In the early 2000’s while building a full-service marketing agency, she co-founded a dot-com start-up, and through pioneering digital marketing approaches saw it become a brand of international renown (pre-social media), culminating in its sale seven years later.

In the 2010’s, Nina doubled down on her passion and gift for nurturing young talent and developing marketing and industry leaders, personally mentoring hundreds of young marketers both within and outside of her agency Braveda, which under Nina’s leadership went on to win Best Marketing Agency at the Marketing Excellence Awards in 2018, the same year Nina was named Victorian CPM of the Year.

Global Marketing Mentor.

In 2020, now as a mother of five, Nina saw the world of marketing shifting again – this time as people became their own brands.  With this, she created a new business as a thought leader, combining her expertise in brand building with personal positioning, resulting in a breakthrough praxis known as Marketing Me™.

Now in 2022, post pandemic, Nina continues to lead the marketing world helping organisations and corporate marketing teams navigate the big shifts and adapt their marketing so they connect with audiences in more human way in a time when they are change-fatigued and opting-out of traditional marketing approaches.

Nina has mentored and empowered thousands of marketers around the world.  From her role for as a State Chair of the AMI, to her blogs / videos / events, to her programs, and her soon to be released book – Nina is committed to creating the future of marketing by nurturing and empowering talent.



When I created the space to explore how all these things fit together, a surprising new journey unfolded, that led me on the extraordinary path I'm on today.


I now take all this rich, real-world experience, and use it help others tap into and embrace their unique identity, get clear on how to express that, then use it to impact the world.

I'm all about

Tapping into the power of our uniqueness, using that to create massive impact in the world, and marketing in a more human way. 

I'm not about

Following the status quo that no longer serves us, feeling pressure to be like anyone else, or being defined and limited by our past experiences. 

"I can help you
make an impact".


The perfect



  • You've been doing great work behind the scenes (or maybe for others!) but you feel a bit stuck when it comes to marketing yourself.
  • You’re an expert at what you do, and know you know you need to build your online presence as the face of your business to attract more leads and clients.
  • You’re at the top of your field and an industry leader with a decent audience, and some high-profile exposure in the past, but you aren’t leveraging it like you should be.
  •  You know you’ve got a powerful message to share but you're unsure how to get it out in a way that feels authentic & energising.

"I engaged Nina to help us kick start our marketing effort, something that I will be forever grateful to her for. 

Nina is a uniquely insightful and energetic person. Someone who is able to get the essence of the brand, know what needs to be done, and deliver in spades. 

She is an amazing marketer and an exceptional human."



Here's how I can help

As a global thought leader and mother of five (very active children!) my mission is to inspire and empower powerful voices to align their passion with their profession and unlock the change and impact the world needs from YOU.

A huge part of that is exploring your uniqueness and learning how to express that into the world in a strategic way.



2023 Marketing Insights: Special Report.

30+ trends and BIG SHIFTS we're experiencing globally right now - why you need to know about them, and most importantly what to do about them.