About Nina

This is the bit where I am supposed to tell you what I am all about. But you probably already read about that on the home page.

So I'll just bring you into my world a little...
(these are my kids!)...

And introduce you to a few brands of mine, and explain why this matters

My Favourite Brands

I've worked with a lot of brands, big and small, over the last 26 years as a marketer and you can head over to my marketing agency website to see more about those.

On this page I'm going to share with you my own brands because if you're here looking for help with your own personal branding, you want to know you're in the right hands.

These are all brands that I have started, and have all grown organically in the last few years!

I started a marketing agency in 2000 and it's been through many evolutions over the last 21 years. From our very first office in Westfield Towers Bondi Junction, and now based in Melbourne Australia, I'm very proud that in 2018 we won Best Marketing Agency and National Finalist in 2019, and is recognised as a top content marketing agency that is having major impact in our industry, especially with young marketers. 


The Content Connection is a creative community that helps entreprenuers use content marketing effectively and in a more human way. 

My aim is to help marketers and business owners apply solid marketing knowledge and expertise in an empathetic and considerate way, so they can build a brand they're proud of, AND in a way that makes people actually want to do business with them. Visit the YouTube Channel here and Join the Facebook Group here.


I started Launch Your Marketing Career because I believe that all young marketers deserve the chance to build a career that inspires. And we exist to help them become the marketers the world wants and needs. We currently run a community of thousands of marketers around the globe including membership and events.


In our School of Entreprenuership for Teenage Girls, we show girls how to take the principals of entreprenuership and use these to develop self-confidence, problem solving skills and bring a business idea to life.


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