How to align your daily life with your passion and purpose

Why do you show up and do what you do, even when it's hard?

I couldn't let go of this thought this morning.

I asked the question of myself, and each time I thought I'd answered the question I went another layer deeper and asked myself why that was important.

And the answers had little to the nuts and bolts of what I actually do on a day to day (marketing mentorship, brand strategy).

Here's kinda how my internal dialogue went:

What motivates me - even when things are tough?

1. I love what I do, and it brings me great satisfaction when I'm doing things that light me up, and being a source of inspiration, especially to my kids and others around me.


2. Because I believe we all have potential, and I love helping who are passionate about leaning into it, to express themselves more fully and through that, create impact they are called to create.


3. Because because it makes my life's experience and challenges I've gone through worth it, if I can use it for a noble purpose.

Plus, it' personally fulfilling, and because of that it helps me be a present, hands-on mum for my kids, and show them what's possible.


4. Because I know my kids will be way less likely settle for mediocre in their own lives, and be inspired to create life that inspires them too.

And however I can, I want to plant and water these seeds in others in my world too.


5. Because I know many others (especially women) are watching and would wish the same things for themselves and their kids, and also want to create impact around them too.

And if I can help them see how to do it, and share my own story of how I do things differently, it may embolden them to take steps they may not otherwise see, because this path is not the traditional one.


6. Because there are kids in our own backyard, and around the world, especially ones who are in really tough situations, who need role models and people they trust who will believe in them and truly nurture them.

And that's going to come through those around them feeling inspired themselves - and pursuing a life that lights them up.


7. Because to really see change at a societal level, to create more positive futures for kids and stop cycles of trauma being handed down from one generation to the next, it takes a tipping point of enough people doing this and modelling a different way.

I could go on, but even just these seven layers of WHY were enough to fire me up this morning.

This created a clear link between the day-in, day-out of me showing up in what I do professionally, as a marketing strategist and mentor to many professionals, and my desire and motivation as a person, and the eventual impact I want to be a catalyst for.

Sometimes just giving yourself the space to think it through can create a powerful perspective shift and you see the things that are important for what they really are.

I can't change everything but I certainly can change some things.

So wanted to share that in the hope it might inspire you to make a similar enquiry of yourself too.

If you made it this far, I would love to know what motivates you?



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Nina Christian is a Marketing & Brand Strategist who is all about doing marketing in a more connected and human way. She helps business leaders and social-change-makers use thought leadership content to build their authority and widen their impact.

She is the Director of Braveda, (est 2000), which was recognised as  "Best Marketing Agency" at the Australian Marketing Excellence Awards.

She is a Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM), a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute & AMI State Chair (Vic) and runs two businesses of her own.

She has a knack for simplifying the complex which comes from being a hands-on mum to five young children, and uses this to turn time-sucking activities into easy to follow systems and processes that get outcomes fast.


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