The ONE tool that's helped me the most in my biz

If there's one tool that's single-handedly made the biggest difference in my business life in the last few years, this is it.

In terms of profitability, ease and sanity, especially when it’s come to marketing and service delivery, and also in terms of the impact it's helped me to create.

Kajabi is the gold standard for experts who want to turn their knowledge into a successful business and help a lot of people in the process.

And makes it so easy.

I adore Kajabi and have been a user and advocate for around 5 years.

Definitely zero regrets. Just gratitude a million times in my case.

Now I’m not afraid of tech - I co-founded a tech startup 20 years ago, grew it, and sold it in 2008.

But I do hate the hassle of integrations, and when I want to move quickly and create or release something, I want to do it FAST and without hassles.

The reason I love Kajabi is that it has all of these things working together for me.

✔️ Website
✔️ Email Marketing
✔️ Online Course Portal
✔️ Membership Portal
✔️ Customer Emails
✔️ Assessments & Feedback
✔️ Landing Pages
✔️ Collecting Payments
✔️ Virtual Events
✔️ Deliver Online Products
✔️ Marketing Automation
✔️ Blog

My all-time favourite online business tool is running a super-amazing promo for new customers offering ANY of their plans for just $99 for 3 MONTHS.

This is epic because it’s normally min. $99/ month (and at that it’s TOTALLY worth it as I will explain below),

Because I've never seen them offer something so good before, in all the years I've used it, and this particular offer is only available until midnight Aug 1st PST.




Who Kajabi is IDEAL for:

  1. You have a digital business but your tech stuff is all over the place and your duct-taping together different solutions and it’s frustrating and annoying.

  2. You have an idea for a digital business, or already help people virtually in some way, but don’t have an infrastructure that makes your marketing and service delivery easy.

  3. You don’t have a digital business yet but are AN EXPERT in something, and would like to create something (where you can help people in a digital way. business (course, membership, coaching, training events)

Who this is NOT for:

  1. You already use Kajabi (well done!, you know how amazing it is!). I know many of you already have it so you don’t need to read on.  

  2. You already have an online course/business platform that you’re happy with and is working amazingly for you (don’t change what’s not broken!). Although in fairness, it's rare, as I don’t know too many people that are completely happy with other platforms and having to stitch multiple tech tools together!

  3. You don’t intend to run any sort of digital business (anything where you take payments online or deliver any service or information or training or products online). Don't get distracted by this, just keep focused on what you're already doing!


Phew! Now that’s out of the way,

if you’re reading on, here’s some helpful information to work out if this might be for you.

Here’s why I love it:


It has all of these things under one roof

Online Course Portal
Membership Portal
Email Marketing
Customer Emails
Assessments & Feedback
Landing Page
Checkout Pages
Virtual Events
Run Online Training Products
My own Affiliate Program
Marketing Automation

The BEST thing is, ALL of these things integrate seamlessly together, and are super-easy for non-tech people.

Whenever I have an idea, I have everything at my disposal to be easily able to execute on an idea within a couple of hours usually.

Now, I could speak at length about ALL of these features above, truly and how I use them and have profited from them, and reclaimed a lot of time through them.

But if you’ve been on my list for very long, you’ve probably seen my course, my website, my emails , my offers, my blog in action anyway.

If you want to know more about how I use any of those things I’m happy to share my own practices and examples, just let me know. 


Kajabi is easy to use and their support is second to none.

A few years ago before going "all in" and putting my business onto a third party platform, I travelled to LA to spend time with the Kajabi team. 

I wanted to learn more about the business, the roadmap, the tech, the culture.

I saw "behind the scenes", even sat with the CTO of Kajabi around a fireplace and seeing the capability and commitment of the team behind the platform gave me the confidence I needed to put my business on their platform. 

And heard the journeys of other world-class marketers like Neil Patel who use it themselves too.

And I was blown away, and it gave me the confidence not only to put a good chunk of my business on there, but also to recommend it to others too.

Wrapping this baby up

There are a few things that I do want to mention before I close out though.

I’ve been a proud Kajabi partner for several years now, and helped many people set up what are now thriving businesses using Kajabi.

It has shortened the learning time by a lot and made it much easier for them to do so much more, sooner.

Kajabi also include “Kajabi University” a selection of easy-to-follow courses that will help you start, grow or advance your business online.

PLUS I always have some great bonuses for people who sign up to Kajabi using my affiliate link.

These include:

  • A 30-min 1:1 Strategy session to review your assets (i.e. whatever you build out on Kajabi) and give you personalised ideas for how to market it. (value $297)

  • My VA in a Box product which includes SOPs, Templates, Checklists, and a bunch of other things my team and I have developed over the years (improving through trial and error) for systematising all of the routine things we do as part of a course/membership – to make it super easy to delegate it to a team member (Value $997)

  • A Day full day of 1:1 mentoring via text and voice messaging on Voxer. This is brilliant for helping you discuss and refine your offer, or put together your key marketing strategies. (Value $497)

So there you have it folks,

A no-brainer $99 offer which is is an extremely low-risk way to test the waters and give it a go.

3 months is a very GENEROUS amount of time to help you get something online and monetise it.

With the right focus, most people can have something functional and decent online in a few weeks -  and Kajabi gives you a whole lot of training and support to help you do that.

And now I need to go and help my 8-year old waiting patiently for me to help her with her school dolphin project!




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