Your Roadmap to set up a COMPLETE CONTENT SUCCESS SYSTEM step-by-step!

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Are you tired of being the world’s best kept secret?

Maybe this sounds familiar...

  • You want get your message in front of the right people without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from all your effort while not making progress.

  • You’ve tried an assortment of marketing tactics but none of them worked and you don’t have a clear strategy that works for YOU. 

  • You’re hustling like crazy (with hours you seriously don’t have) and yet you’re still no closer to having a content system that actually attracts and converts clients.

  • You’re suffering from “shiny object syndrome” bouncing from one idea to the next to the next, never fully committing to any of them and having a whole pile of “unfinished” going on with nothing to actually show for it.

You're already juggling a million things everyday....

  • You're overwhelmed with endless marketing to-do lists - social media, and lead generation strategies that aren't just getting actioned and keep you going round in circles.

  • You feel like you’re “Frankenstein-ing” a random assortment of marketing tactics together without a clear strategy on what you should be doing and why.

  • You’ve tried every marketing strategy recommended out there but still feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall, trying to make something – ANYTHING – actually work.

  • You’ve read all the advice from the "gurus" – you just want somebody to take you by the hand and tell you EXACTLY what to do in the EXACT order you need to do it.
If any of these statements have you all “How the heck did she get inside my head?!” then keep reading – you’re in the right place, my friend! 😊  

You might not be able to hire a world-class marketing agency but you 
CAN level up your marketing through the Thought Leadership Accelerator.

  • When you’re building your own business, you don’t have time to learn everything about marketing  - so imagine having an award-wining marketing strategist in your back pocket! 

  • You might not be able to hire a marketing agency but you can still reap the benefits, knowledge and skillset from who has your business at heart. 

  • Imagine having the tools, templates and systems developed by an award-winning marketing strategist that you can afford, that's your own secret weapon. 

  • That's what you get with the Thought Leadership Accelerator. Someone who knows what they're talking about, and has your back.

Imagine this is your reality...

  • You're a trusted authority and you regularly attract your ideal clients, because they seek YOU out!

  • You feel great because you’ve got a clear plan for how you’re going to monetise all the effort you put into growing your brand and your business.

  • You've got a powerful, beautiful brand that you’re so proud of and actually connects and draws your ideal customers to you.
  • Your messaging is so dialed in your ideal customer feels like you’re reading their mind and reaches out to you, asking for your expertise and ready to buy from you. 

  • Imagine the focus you'll have knowing every piece of content you put out is getting you closer to your big business goal.

  • And you can enjoy your weekends doing stuff you love knowing your content is building your business while you do it! 

Introducing the Thought Leadership Accelerator!

A Complete Content Success System to build your brand quickly, authentically and sustainably.


You'll have access to the full program and group coaching for 6 months.

Plus, one-year access to a Pro-active & Supportive Mastermind Community.

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Ready to create the BEST type of content that delivers commercial outcomes?

The evidence is clear.


58% of decision makers
based on thought leadership
61% said they were willing to
PAY A PREMIUM based on
good thought leadership.

*2019 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study (Edelman)

Thought Leadership is a fast track "all-in-one" to get your ideal customers to:


Moreen Kamau

Digital Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur, Youth Empowerment Champion

"If you want to monetise you need to know the end-goals and the pathway you’ll take to get there, so you don’t burn out.

My content isn’t guesswork anymore. It’s strategic and so valuable and aligned with the brand that I’m building.

I have purpose behind it and and clarity in my content so I can build a sustainable business and help a lot of people at the same time."


Shantelle Thompson

3 x World Champion BJJ Athlete, Barkindji Warrior,
Entreprenuer & Founder of the Warrior Within Program.

"I was busy “doing” and showing up, but felt stuck with the overwhelm of too many possibilities and not knowing how to draw out my own knowledge.

Now I have systems that I can use and processes that I can implement.

I have been booked for speaking events, that in the past I would not have known how to do.

I have also created an online self development course for one of my clients.

Your Life BEFORE the Thought Leadership Accelerator


❌ You feel stressed out and overwhelmed at the thought of marketing.

❌ You don’t have a clear plan each time you put out a piece of content.

❌ You pour countless hours into content nobody’s engaging with.

❌ You've tried outsourcing and been burned by hiring the wrong help.

❌ You don't have a compelling visual identity that's recognizable and consistent.

❌ You don't know how to monetise your content to grow your business.

Your Life AFTER the Thought Leadership Accelerator


βœ”οΈ You have a system that works, creating exceptional content that you and others are proud to share.

βœ”οΈ Your content is building your brand and attracting your dream clients on auto-pilot.

βœ”οΈ You have a strong vibrant brand that connects emotionally.

βœ”οΈ You have content that aligns with your business strategy.

You have a content system that can easily scale as you grow.

βœ”οΈ You have a clear plan for monetising your content - and you're already DOING it!

What Karen Demmery says...

Founder, Trauma Leadership Mental Health Institute, Behavioural Change Specialist, Podcast Host.

Its clearer with a road map and that’s what you get with this program.

This is a place where you can feel held and supported without being pressured. There is no hustle-your-face-off and finish at the cost of all else. It is a container where people genuinely care about each other and a place where friendships are built and continue long after the program has finished.

Nina is a rockstar at what she does and how she delivers her knowledge.

Enroll now. you will not regret it."

What Andrew Says...

Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz, Executive Therapist & Emotional Wellness Coach

"I've been impressed with how clear this has been. The branding work has been so powerful.  I've always been felt like my stuff visually didn’t add up to what I feel it needed to be.

That’s changed now, and all the other stuff we do is adding riches on top of riches.”

Your journey to becoming a respected thought leader and attracting your dream clients begins here.


Hi, I'm Nina Christian and I'm here to help you.

For over 20 years I've helped marketers and entreprenuers apply solid marketing principles in an empathetic and considerate way, so they can build a brand they’re proud of, AND in a way that makes people actually want to do business with them.

In 2000 I founded marketing agency Braveda and in 2018 it was named Best Marketing Agency at the Australian Marketing Excellence Awards.

I've won awards such as Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year (Vic) and have served on multiple high-profile advisory boards.

I'm a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, and Chair of the AMI State Committee in Victoria.

I  understands entrepreneurship as well as marketing, having started and grown several brands of my own over the years, including a successful exit of a brand of international renown.

I know how using content marketing strategically to establish Thought Leadership can explode results quickly.

I’ve tested all of these strategies out in my own businesses, with my clients and students in my program

Knowing what’s working NOW, I decided to break things down to the most simple step-by step-actions so it was accessible who was trying to build a brand quickly so they can grow their business.

I want to save you wasted time and all the expense and hassle and stress of going through it yourself.

Because it has literally changed my world, and the world of my students!

It is very much a replicable system that you can apply – and have me helping you along the way.

Literally Everything you need for
Content Success!

All the tools you need to build your brand quickly, authentically, sustainably -  In-depth trainings, coaching, processes, templates, mastermind community, and more, so that you can finally attract and convert the clients you most want to do business with!

What Wassim Says...

Wassim Dabboussi, Entreprenuer & Coach, Co-Founder, Muslim Boss Movement. 

"Nina really helped us understand how we can reverse engineer our content, and create content with a purpose, that is going to get our clients moving further along the adoption ladder.

So if  you are thinking of levelling up in your content, I highly, highly recommend Nina, because she knows what she's talking about!" 

Want to join us in the Thought Leadership Accelerator?

Pop in your email below and I'll send you a special link to SAVE UP TO $600 off the price of enrollment πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡