The One Hour Content Amplifier will help you:

  • Reduce the time you spend creating new content

  • Get more mileage out of every piece of content you already have

  • Be in front of your audience more consistently 

  • Get more reach organically

  • Take the complexity out of delegating content promotion to your team
  • Be more strategic with your content

  • Get your content into places you may not have thought of
  • Set up a rinse-and-repeat content promotion system you can delegate
  • Get fresh marketing ideas that are working now

Who is this ideal for? 

  • Business Owners with a small marketing team 
  • Marketing Agencies / Freelancers
  • Experts / Professional Services Specialists
  • Entrepreneurs/Solopreuners
  • Coaches / Consultants 
  • Authors / Speakers




Most people have it it the wrong way round.

They constently create new material and aren't leveraging what they ALREADY HAVE.

They create and post it on their favourite social newsfeed and hope for the best. 

Not realising there are SO MANY other ways (on and OFF social media)  to promote and share your content organically.

So you can use what you already have to build a much stronger connection with your audience. 

But how do you do this when you've already got a gazillion things on your plate? 



Have your assistant or marketing team follow the Content Amplifier process and do it in an hour a week!


Do it yourself from start to finish in an hour a week, and learn valuable new marketing skills while you do it!


"You should apply the 80/20 principle to your content strategy, but don't get it twisted.

If you're spending 80% of your time creating content and only 20% of your time promoting it, your pieces will never receive the exposure they deserve.

In other words, fewer comments, fewer leads, and a negative ROI."

Neil Patel, Global Marketing Influencer


Content Amplifier Workshop
with Nina Christian

Walkthrough of the complete system for how to get more visible using 10 easy-to-implement or delegate strategies that will up-level your credibility fast.

One-Hour a Week Content Amplifier Playbook

Your Step-by-Step Action Plan to put 10x more eyeballs on your existing content in the next 10 weeks, including SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to make it super easy to delegate it to your team. 

10 Simple Content Amplification Strategies you/your team can implement in an hour or less.

Each with "bite-sized" video tutorial (10 mins or less), downloadable resource and 3-step action plan to make it a breeze for your marketing assistant to #getitdone.

7 Social Media Amplification Methods that are Working NOW

Little known tactics that 99% of people don't even know exist, let alone use in their business!

Social Media Repurposing in Style 11-point Checklist

An easy-to-follow checklist to help you avoid the most common repurposing errors, and repurpose in a way that keeps your content looking fresh and native to each platform. 

Your One-Hour Digital Dust Buster!

This will have you looking in places you hadn't thought of, extracting those "golden nuggets" with a ready-to-go library of "uniquely-you" content within the hour!

All designed to work together to amplify your visibility using the CONTENT YOU ALREADY HAVE!

I don't just give you another list of random tasks to add to your marketing to-do list, I'm giving you a proven system that is strategic and easy to delegate and that you or your marketing person can implement in an hour a week!

Structured to help You or Your Team implement FAST.

  • Full Workshop that shows you exactly how all the cutting edge strategies work together.
  • Bite-sized videos (3-10 mins) to  walk you through the activation plan for each week.
  • Weekly Email with Instructions and Checklist and everything your team (or you!) need to DO it!

Summary of what you get For $29 (USD)

Content Amplifier Workshop with Nina Christian (Value: $295) 

One-Hour a Week Content Amplifier Playbook (Value: $265) 

10 Simple Content Amplification Strategies your team can do in an hour or less (Value: $95)  

BONUS #1: 7 Proven Social Media Amplification Methods that are Working NOW (Value: $65) 

BONUS #2: Social Media Repurposing in Style -- 11-point Checklist (Value: $25) 

BONUS #3: Your One-Hour Digital Dust Buster! (Value: $35)



Today's price: ONLY $29 (USD)

"What an amazing bundle!
It's the one-hour very practical element..... it's sustainable, do-able....
Thank you so much!"

Kathy Johnathan, Marketing & Branding Strategist, Cultural Consultant


✔️  A complete system to leverage out of every piece of content you create.

✔️  In just a few minutes, you can implement some of the biggest trends making a difference in visibility now.

✔️  Video training on simple things to “up-level” your credibility fast.

✔️  A checklist to protect your brand by ensuring you're not falling victim to some of the most common content repurposing mistakes.

✔️ A minute-by minute breakdown of your weekly content promotion-hour with a specific list of tasks you (or your team) will do from start to finish for each week for the next 10 weeks.


Created by an Award-Winning Professional Marketer

With work featured in:


Nina Christian is a Marketing & Brand Strategist who helps business leaders and industry experts  use thought leadership content to build their authority and widen their impact.

She is the Director of Braveda, (est 2000), which was recognised as  "Best Marketing Agency" at the Australian Marketing Excellence Awards.

She is a Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM), a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute & AMI State Chair (Vic) and runs two businesses of her own.

She has a knack for simplifying the complex which comes from being a hands-on mum to five young children, and uses this to turn time-sucking activities into easy to follow systems and processes that get outcomes fast.


Frequently Asked Questions

No special knowledge or skills are necessary to implement. I will introduce you to some very cool tools that will help you do it quicker and almost all of them are completely free!

When you purchase the One Hour Content Amplifier you'll receive immediate access to all the training material which on-demand you can visit anytime in your own private member's area. 

There are lots of content planning bundles out there - telling you what you *should* create, giving you templates for editorial calendars, and leave you on your own to implement it.

Sadly, most people have a whole collection of unused templates and digital products that don't see the light of day because planning is one thing, implementing is the most challenging part. 

This system is designed with that in mind.

Each week you have a breakdown of exactly what you need to do, minute-by-minute for the hour you (or your team) will spend on promoting your content.

So with my system, it's way easier to actually make progress.

When you purchase this bundle you are purchasing the license to use and apply the templates for your own brand only. 

The only time you can share this is if you have a marketing or support person who is doing the implementation on your behalf, who will be using the materials and following the system to promote your content.

As this is a full digital product that includes all videos, training and materials available on demand there are no refunds.

If there are any issues with your access, or there is anything you would like to discuss, you can email us anytime at [email protected] and we'll gladly assist you. 

Absolutely! You can share this goodness with your friends, colleagues and anyone who you know is building their brand or marketing themselves online who needs help with their content. 

You can sign up here and get a 50% affiliate commission for anyone who purchases using your link. 

Purchasing this digital bundle is for yourself only - and the license to use the materials is for one person only (and their assistant who is implementing it on their behalf)

If you have other licensing, corporate or agency requirements, we do have other options available. Please reach out to [email protected] and we can assist you. 

This bundle is designed to be used by someone who already has some existing content already produced (eg. blog, e-book, podcast, video)

Ideally you are an expert in your field and have something of value to share to your audience, and are clear about who you help and how you help them. 

However you don't need to be an expert in marketing to use this system, as the directions are clear and specific so that anyone can follow. 

Both! It's designed with the busy entreprenuer in mind (I see you, the one who knows what they *should* do and just doesn't get to it) so I've made it super easy for you to delegate it to your team or support person to do it on your behalf. 

But if you're the type of person who like to get on the tools and do it yourself, it's designed for you too, and plenty of people have had success implementing it on their own.

Because after all, it only takes an hour a week!

While there are useful tips and strategies in there that will benefit any business, it's primarily designed for people who are the "face" of their business. 

They may be building a personal brand, or business brand - either works in this context.

But it's not really designed for e-commerce businesses, multi-nationals and corporate enterprises. 

If you are a corporate or multi-national there are better ways I can assist you, like training your marketing team. Reach out to us at [email protected] for more details about workshops and training for marketing teams. 

"Nina is a genius at simplifying, systematising and structuring complicated time-juggling activities"

Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz
Executive Therapist & Emotional Wellness Coach

"My content isn’t guesswork anymore. It’s strategic and so valuable and aligned with the brand that I’m building. In Nina's hands you're on the right track"

Moreen Kamau
Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Youth Empowerment Champion

"Nina has always new concepts and ideas that make a bigger impact overall, and is a true thought leader, a trailblazer, an innovator."

Petra Zink
Coach, and Personal Branding Authority

"Nina is unique in that she gets you to think about things strategically, as well as tactically. This is so important because it’s about doing it “right” and not just in a knee-jerk fashion"

Nick Cassidy
Telecommunications Expert, Founder Segmentation Group

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